From 2D to 3D cell culture

Why and how? From 2D to 3D cell culture

"cell" From 2D to 3D cell culture

The main issues find while using 2D cell systems, is that it is not possible to have access to the specific architecture that drives the function of a tissue or an organ. There are many other problems related to extrapolation of data generated from 2D cell culture systems to physiology because the 2D cell cultures may only reflect a small part of an organ. (1)

Besides, the 3D cell culture systems are closer to the in vivo complexity. (2) The problem to face here is that physiology is very complex and the only way to approach it is to refine models. As experimental systems became more complex, a lot of variables need to be considered, thus, it is necessary to cross used mathematics, biological knowledge, and of course, experimentation to better understand which are the best parameters to study in 3D cell culture.